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Essential Strategy is a simplified approach for integrating strategy, risk, and resilience to improve performance and long-term sustainability.

It's time to change the way we do business.


Reenvision the future, and then reinvent your organization to get you there.


from design to execution

We follow a 4-step process of Discovery, Visioning, Pathfinding and Performance-setting.

a process that makes sense

A four-step process puts strategic planning elements in the right order, and creates space to bridge what we know we can do with where we want to go.


Discovery focuses on the analysis of internal and external alignment, drivers, constraints and capabilities in an intelligence gathering process that helps us identify gaps and misalignments that could undermine strategy.

Visioning sets the tone for the organization by creating or affirming its aspirational future-state. Visioning pulls in mission, values and history to create a story that resonates with the clients and consumers the organization serves and inspires the employees and other stakeholders that serve. It ensures that purpose is a defining cause that is all together aspirational, inspirational and participatory.

Pathfinding is the problem-solving stage where the data gained in Discovery is used to support strategic decisions. When aligned with the outputs of Visioning, it defines strategic imperatives that deliver on purpose, drive growth and build resilience through ongoing learning and evolution. The Critical Path sets priorities and moves organizational focus from entrenchment to adaptation.

Performance is forward-looking, creating expectations for outcomes and decision triggers that are the hallmark of a nimble organization.



If you see the logic in the Three Simple Truths of Organizational Success, then you can see why Essential Strategy works regardless of organization size, industry, sector, or type.

Scalable. Flexible. Intentional. 


The Five Reasons why Essential Strategy works in any organizational environment:

  • It is at once both simple and robust in supporting the way the organization needs to think about itself long-term.


  • The Foundation is easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to implement.


  • It establishes clear priorities required to design and execute strategy that will achieve vision and mission.


  • It easily fits into and compliments other processes, methods and tools already in use.


  • It has proven itself relevant to and successful in virtually every type of organization, including private entities, non-profits, co-ops, native-owned, state and tribal governments, federal contractors, universities and more. 

Re-envision the future, and then reinvent your organization to get you there.

How to get started

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