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Essential Strategy is a simplified approach for integrating strategy, risk, and resilience to improve performance and long-term sustainability.

It's time to change the way we do business.


Reenvision the future, and then reinvent your organization to get you there.

From execution to performance

To develop 7 core attributes required to create a perpetual learning organization that is strong, focused and resilient, fulfilling the contribution intended by its Purpose.

a better Path to 

Six Attributes connected via the Arkhi Link define the path of performance and create a holistic system of perpetual learning, improving performance, longevity and mission success.

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In ancient Greek philosophy, Aristotle defined the word arche as the core element or principle of a thing, which although intangible in itself, provided the conditions for the possibility of that thing. 

When the concept is applied in business, we see meaningful parallels, and we pay homage to Artistotle's philosophy with what we describe as the Arkhi Link - the invisible yet powerful concept that vision, strategy, risk and resilience must be taken as a whole - not independent of each other.  The synergy created by intentionally  weaving together purpose, growth and evolution, and then allowing it to seep into the psyche of an organization, results in an intangible but palpable force that ultimately defines it. (Think Apple.)


Everyone knows that you need a purpose, you have to grow and that you should evolve - that is pretty straightforward. Where Essential Strategy stands apart is in understanding this: It is this alignment of intent and action, with balanced focus across purpose, growth and evolution, that shapes a collection of people, systems and tools into a living, perpetually learning and synchronized entity. We believe this is where long-term success is found, so the Arkhe Link sits at the very heart of the Essential Strategy Foundation, driving organizational contribution and excellence. 

Aspiration is how we define our cause - the reason that the entity exists - a reason so compelling it speaks to clients, customers, partners, stakeholders, employees and bystanders alike. Alignment tests how well our people, assets and resources are deployed to support progress towards that reason. Both are core attributes that support defining and delivering on Purpose.




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Intelligence is the depth and breadth of data and analysis relevant to capabilities, resource allocation and market drivers. Decisiveness is tied to the timeliness and effectiveness of strategic decisions made based on that analysis. It is the depth of understanding and intentional action that are the key attributes of successful organizational Growth.

Navigation recognizes that no matter how well we plan, there is no predicting the future. Once the plan is launched, how well we monitor its performance is critical to success. Adaptation is the ability to anticipate, communicate and effectively manage change. These final two attributes support the ongoing Evolution that creates great organizations.



The Essential Strategy backbone - the Arkhi Link - is revealed when strategic initiatives are vetted against capabilities, contribution to market, and correlation to the Essential Strategy Foundation of Purpose, Growth & Evolution. It is the mechanism for prioritizing how an organization expends time, energy, and resources in pursuit of its goals, and creates a system of perpetual learning that becomes the heartbeat of advancement and resilience.


If you see the logic in the Three Simple Truths of Organizational Success, then you can see why Essential Strategy works regardless of organization size, industry, sector, or type.

Scalable. Flexible. Intentional. 


The Five Reasons why Essential Strategy works in any organizational environment:

  • It is at once both simple and robust in supporting the way the organization needs to think about itself long-term.


  • The Foundation is easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to implement.


  • It establishes clear priorities required to design and execute strategy that will achieve vision and mission.


  • It easily fits into and compliments other processes, methods and tools already in use.


  • It has proven itself relevant to and successful in virtually every type of organization, including private entities, non-profits, co-ops, native-owned, state and tribal governments, federal contractors, universities and more. 

Re-envision the future, and then reinvent your organization to get you there.

How to get started

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