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Anthony Caole CEO Three Star Enterprises, LLC

“I really liked the model and framework for the SWAT Analysis and Risk Management. The actual actionable steps, the way Erin went about teaching this was unlike anything I had ever seen, and it made it much easier to comprehend and see how to implement the steps. The exercises were helpful and helped make the workshop more interactive and fun. I really liked having the multiple speakers giving their knowledgeable perspective on each topic. Keep doing what you are doing it was a great workshop.”


Cheryl Eluska, Operations Director at
Ahkiok-Kaguyak, Inc.

" I would recommend the Essential Strategy Bootcamp. The bootcamp started with coffee and a clear agenda. Erin walked a group of 30 of us through a highly educational talk on risk management. I got to know everyone—from lunch to ice breakers, it was a great networking opportunity." 


Leighton Lee, CEO of New Horizons Telecom, Inc.

"Black Fox Strategy has been very helpful in re-centering our long-term thinking as an organization. The bootcamp fundamentally was a zoom-out analysis of our organization's place in the market. It was helpful because it helped us get a big picture view as an organization as a whole, in addition to the bootcamp’s networking component." 


Jamie Boring, former Director at Anchorage Downtown Partnership

 "I have been through many bootcamp like classes, but none of them provided such invaluable info as Black Fox Strategy’s bootcamp. The bootcamp was essentially a group of consultants sharing their combined experiences in order to help other organizations with their strategy and mitigating risk. In the bootcamp, we covered how risk and strategy are related, types of risk, and how to actually devise a company-wide strategy. I would recommend Black Fox Strategy, especially for providing professional education in terms of risk in strategy, which is lacking in Anchorage. Erin is incredibly bright and provided impressive information."


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