"It's not that you don't know the business, but you find disconnects between operational and strategic priorities that you didn't even know were there. No one else is teaching strategy this way."

—  Jen Jarvis, Jen Jarvis Associates

Essential Strategy

Essential Strategy is a simplified approach for integrating strategy, risk, and resilience to improve performance and long-term sustainability.


Using three core principles - Purpose, Growth & Survival – we create balance between risk and opportunity and then bind them with the application of Mission Critical Path which priorities resources toward the initiatives that matter most.  We call this the Essential Strategy Foundation.


Because these core principles must exist within every organization – regardless of size, industry, sector, or type – Essential Strategy works whether you are a sole proprietor or a billion-dollar corporation.


Finally, we solve problems with historically siloed strategy, risk, and resilience programs that can easily become overly complex and burdensome. We do this by applying context to the entire process in order to reveal the underlying Critical Path.


By viewing Purpose, Growth, and Survival through a Mission Critical lens, we find the thread that links the most crucial elements of each of these programs to create a more holistic yet simplified process for developing strategy, mitigating risk, and building resiliency.


  • It works because it is at once both simple and robust in supporting the way the organization needs to think about itself.


  • It is easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to implement.


  • It establishes clear priorities required to deliver on the strategy that will achieve vision and mission.


  • It compliments other processes, methods and tools already in use.


  • It is relevant to EVERY type of organization, regardless of the industry you are in or the size of your organization, whether you are a non-profit, co-op, administrative or publicly traded company.

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