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Essential Strategy is a simplified approach for integrating strategy, risk, and resilience to improve performance and long-term sustainability.

Essential Strategy

Essential Strategy is designed around a Purpose, Growth & Evolution framework. It is based on the philosophy that organizational success lies in three simple truths:

First, that an entity must have and pursue purpose - without it, you are rudderless.

Second, that it must be intentional about the growth of itself and its people - without it, you stagnate.

Third, that it must continually adapt and evolve to meet the needs and desires of those it serves - without it, you become irrelevant.


This Purpose, Growth & Evolution triad is further defined by the Critical Path – together they form the Essential Strategy Foundation.  The Critical Path is revealed when strategic initiatives are vetted against capabilities, contribution to market, and correlation to Purpose, Growth & Evolution – it is the mechanism for prioritizing how an organization expends time, energy, and resources in pursuit of its goals.


The resulting plan establishes how the entity will fulfill its mission, address operational risks, and advance core capabilities into the future. Once an organization defines its own Essential Strategy Foundation, it creates a structure for perpetual learning, simplifying strategy design and improving its implementation.


Because the core principles of Purpose, Growth & Evolution must exist within every organization – it works regardless of size, industry, sector, or type.


Scalable. Flexible. Intentional. 


We have successfully utilized Essential Strategy in for-profit, non-profit and government entities. 

  • It works because it is at once both simple and robust in supporting the way the organization needs to think about itself.


  • It is easy to understand, easy to follow and easy to implement.


  • It establishes clear priorities required to deliver on the strategy that will achieve vision and mission.


  • It compliments other processes, methods and tools already in use.


  • It is relevant to EVERY type of organization, regardless of the industry you are in or the size of your organization, whether you are a non-profit, co-op, administrative or publicly traded company.

How to get started

First, review your Purpose

  • Are your vision, mission and values clear and easily understood?

  • Are you succeeding?

  • Has your Mission changed?

  • Does the business need to change?

Second, focus on how you Grow

  • How are the needs and wants of those you serve changing?

  • ​Are you building operational competencies to support those changes?

  • What systems are in place to grow and develop your people?

  • Where do you see opportunities?

  • Have you defined risk appetite thresholds & measures?

Third, assess your ability to Evolve

  • Are you staying on top of emerging trends in the industry?

  • How solid are your continuity and resilience systems?

  • How often do you validate that your current strategies are working?

  • To what extent is your organization willing to change?​

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